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Scatology also appears in medieval plays such as Mankind and in works associated various French fabliaux (singular fabliau).

To perform scansion, the student breaks down each line into individual metrical feet and determines which syllables have heavy stress and which have lighter stress.

Anthropologists have noted that scatological humor occurs in nearly every human culture.

In some cultures and time periods, scatology is treated as vulgar or low-brow (for instance, the Victorian period in England).

He also told the man who was filming the sermon for the church website that he needed to work on his 'attitude adjustment' and warned the young man's mother, who was also in the congregation, not to stand between him and her son as he taught him.

Although the preacher, who has worked at the Skiatook church for 24 years, said he had the best interests of his congregation at heart, one of the people he told off said he felt humiliated by the rant.

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SAPPHIC METER: Typically, this meter is found in quatrains in which the first three lines consist of eleven syllables and the fourth line contains five.