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Blac chyna tyga dating

Here are five fast facts you need to know about Blac Chyna and Tyga’s relationship. The latest development in the Blac Chyna and Tyga story came on Wednesday morning. Earlier this year, Chyna ended a turmoil-filled relationship with Rob Kardashian that played out on the Internet.Chyna recently revealed that she wants to pursue a rap career.You may think the Kylie attention started last year, when her lips began to take over her Instagram photos and she was seen hanging out with Tyga.But the Kylie/Tyga saga has been going on for much longer than that. Actually, before you dive into the timeline watch this video for a quick intro on Kylie and Tyga’s love.“Blac Chyna could absolutely get back together with Tyga," a source tells Hollywood Life."Returning to the father of her first child would be highly unlikely, but Blac does has a soft spot for Tyga." Blac and Tyga's split was far from amicable, but he's still the father of her first child.

” Tyga has yet to respond to the savage takedown, but based on reaction of fans online, its obvious that him and Blac Chyna’s relationship is far from over.Tyga knew the deal and even threw up smoke signals for Rob Kardashian about hooking up with Blac Chyna ... Tyga went on "The Breakfast Club" Thursday morning and talked about his breakup with Kylie Jenner, and her brother's relationship with Chyna ... He says the overlapping relationships did NOT create an awkward situation, but he also knew Rob couldn't handle Chyna -- for a bunch of reasons. the rapper says he had to pay a million dollars to end his contract with Cash Money -- but also claims his old label still owes him mil., the two have never been far apart in the public eye. To keep you in the know on one of the most talked about maybe-couples of the year (and it’s only March! May 2016: Kylie and Tyga are rumored to have broken up “for good” TMZ is reporting that Kylie and Tyga broke up before the 2016 Met Gala, which could explain why the two didn’t walk the red carpet together.) we put together a timeline of all things Kylie and Tyga. Though the pair has broken up before, TMZ says that this time “there’s no going back.” March 2016: Tyga gets handsy with Kylie while out on the town Tyga was spotted grabbing Kylie’s butt while out a club last weekend.

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At this point, seeing their names on our newsfeeds is inevitable.