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The Norse explorer is said to have reached the shores of Newfoundland some 500 years before Columbus set sail.Some historians believe that Phoenician explorers crossed the Atlantic even earlier than that.Though many people refer to Columbus as the man who "discovered America," the truth is, the man never set foot on North American Soil.

Scientists attribute the mystery to the warm waters of the Caribbean, the ever-changing landscape of the region, and the fact that we only know for sure what happened one of the vessels.The Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria often go by the wrong names.The Nina was actually called "la Santa Clara," the Pinta was known as "la Pintada," Spanish for "the painted one," and the Santa Maria was actually called "la Gallega." Even more interesting?Since Columbus's death in 1506, the whereabouts of the explorer's remains have been a mystery.After being moved from Valladolid, Spain to Seville, his daughter-in-law requested that his body, and the body of his son, Diego, be moved across the sea to Hispaniola, and buried in a cathedral in Santo Domingo.

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Over the course of his journey, he explored various other islands and territories along the coast, but the closest that he got to US soil was actually Central America.