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Danton wajda online dating

Poland's censors haven't snipped anything from the film, which was made in France, presumably because the government would be the last to acknowledge that the depiction of France's revolutionary Committee of Public Security as desperate, ruthless and perverse is a reflection on itself.

But the official Polish press, resentful of Wajda as a seasoned critic of the Warsaw regime, has sought through a cacophony of reviews to discredit the movie by labeling it a false picture of history.

Stopping short of ultimate victory, the argument went, would fail to win power for the masses.

The hardline Polish army paper, Zolnierz Wolnosci, insinuated in one review that Wajda had fiddled with French history to lace the movie with some highly nuanced anti-Polish propaganda.

At a viewing the other night in a downtown Warsaw cinema, laughter rippled through the audience at the point in the move when Robespierre and fellow committee members sign the orders to "intern" Danton and several friends at the Luxembourg Prison.

The reference to internment triggered the memory of the Dec.

Trimite filmul&#x E037;" data-thumbnail=" VAJ31j P51E8QWIJ7o U073uq.jpg" data-src="/?It is impossible to show a film in Poland today that deals with such topics as freedom, conscience and revolution without evoking a powerful response."We are most painfully going through our own tragic history," remarked the Catholic weekly Tygodnik Powszechny in a thoughtful review of "Danton." "Starving for history's true shape, we greedily hunt for any analogies that would make it topical." At the moment, the film is playing at just two Warsaw theaters, though a Wajda aide said 40 copies of the movie are being made for distribution throughout Poland. Full-house audiences are being drawn to it by word of mouth and thanks to the unfailing power of negative official reviews to arouse public interest.And there was laughter again when Robespierre commented dispassionately to his wife that the prosecution of the popular Danton presented a dilemma."If we lose it," he states, "the revolution is lost. Wojciech Jaruzelski could well have said the same when moving against Solidarity's leadership.

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"Danton" tells the story of the French revolutionary Georges Jacques Danton, who tried to wrest power from Robespierre during the Reign of Terror but was ultimately sentenced to death in 1794 by the very tribunal he helped to establish.