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Ideal weekend retreats, they are zoned to preserve the environment and natural habitat.

Thus development of any significant nature isn't permissible.

But as an amenity this pair of islands will provide hours of enjoyment for the boater or environmentalist or someone who just wishes a convenient escape from the mainland.

Originally 4 acres, is 200 yards by sea from the exclusive area of Point Shares, in Pembroke Parish.

Both islands are within close proximity to the Point Shares and Fairylands neighborhoods.

It was then reputed to be one of the largest in the world.

British military authorities both in Bermuda and elsewhere refused to acknowledge its construction but it still exists and was later restored by later owner James Martin.

Once, it was owned and run by the British military as part of the string of then-strategic islands that stretched from the Dockyard to Hamilton, In 1870, the British Army, in conjunction with the Royal Navy, worried about the vulnerability of its stores of weaponry at Ordnance Island in St.

George's and its ring of forts and their munitions stores around Bermuda, built a secret underground powder magazine on this island.

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On the north, west, and south they are surrounded by reefs.

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