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They had been provided with a very small number of sheep and cattle, and enough provisions to last three months, but no tools.Why such treatment was metted out remains the knowledge of modern descendants.

The cattle were able to be there without being able to wander away - the mountains behind, the sea in front and streams to north and south prevented wandering.

For now it is simply an interesting saga with all the intrigue, and bravery of any Icelandic Saga.

The heroes in it eventually suffer horrific deaths though this does not prevent their genes from carrying on generation after generation in a new land.

The survival of Taine's group was initially in their own hands and by the will of God. Eventually some tools were obtained by trade with visiting Portuguese, and the colony grew.

It is said Taine was responsible for introducing particular trees and that there may be connection between Taine and "Tane" the name used by Maoris for the God of the forest.

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The roof of such dwellings were vegetation over beams covered by turf - often quite thick.