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I invited him over and we sat out by my new pool and talked business. I had her put on her smallest suit she owned to serve us. I replied, probably not on a public beach but on private property, why wouldn't it be if the owner of the house was okay with it?

The new product, Wheelchair Socks are the first covers designed for the small front casters. Emmer said: “For a decade we have sold Reha Design Wheelchair Slipper covers for rear wheelchair tires.

I smiled and said, if you're an old guy sitting around waiting for a pretty lady to clean your pool, the only thing that will make it better is if two pretty ladies show up to clean your pool, wearing suits like this one Monica has one.

To make this fair for you, I will guarantee your same take home pay that you're making right now, and will give you a raise in three months, six months, nine months and after a year.

Wheelchair Socks’ unique design is pending patent approval in the USA and is now being submitted in several other countries.

Reha Design is an innovative brand of wheelchair accessories, designed in Europe but distributed worldwide via the

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I went online and bought her plugs, nipple clamps and Benwa balls.

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