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I've enjoyed everything of hers that I've read and listened to so far, probably because they validate my own reflections and lessons learned over the years.However, this docu-blog is from my reflections of my own experiences.Did I hear myself the sole provider of every man's need to love and to be loved.A Courtesan who had many lovers to attend to and no one to call her own.That belief is taken for granted throughout the industrial societies of the modern West, and it’s been welded in place for a very long time, though—as we’ll see in a moment—the particular emotions so labeled have varied from time to time.I hope that none of my readers are under the illusion that Clinton’s partisans were primarily motivated by love, except in the sense of Clinton’s love for power and the Democrats’ love for the privileges and payouts they could expect from four more years of control of the White House; and of course Trump and the Republicans were head over heels in love with the same things.Now of course most people these days, when confronted with the sort of things I’ve just written, are likely to respond, “Wait, are you saying that hate is good?”—as though the only alternatives available are condemning something as absolutely bad or praising it as absolutely good.

I realized then how much more important the character of a man is to me than his talents.

They accordingly defined their social inferiors as beastly, horrid, filthy—that is to say, sexual beings.

If you’re speaking in public and you want to be sure that everyone in the crowd will beam approval at you, all you have to do is denounce hate.

Now on this dating site two years later, here is an accomplished singer-songwriter who has a fairly high level of notoriety in Paris and Australia.

After all, if I got his attention just by being me, there must be something I will like about .

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