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Website updating content

My Gate has completed Master Card Secure Code certification. This forms part of My Gate’s commitment as a service organisation to meet pre-defined governance standards and management controls.

The audit supports My Gate’s overall objective of creating a safe secure financial platform for merchants to transact and enhances their information security and business process management capabilities.

When a customer makes a payment they will be prompted to enter a unique, personal code that has been registered with their bank.

The bank then authenticates the cardholder performing the transaction and returns electronic evidence to the retailer of the online authentication.

helps you build a profitable Web of the bigger online business jigsaw puzzle). is not about getting a site or blog up, cheap-quick-&-easy. " If you're here with us, you'll do great with SBI! It sounds great, but are you willing to make the sacrifices that are needed to find the time? It's a balanced, realistic, no-hype look at what life as a solopreneur is like. You will receive instant notification of the payment having been made, allowing you to deliver your product or service in real time.Offering your customers multiple payment options helps to expand your target market and encourages more people to buy.Debit orders can save time for both the business and the customer making it a worthwhile system to implement for recurring payments.Online payment is another great way to keep up to date with your payments.

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It is not only debit orders that are able to ensure that you sell more and that your customers pay their accounts.

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